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Drone Zoro - Optical Surveillance System

SZMID unmanned aerial vehicle optical detection and tracking system, includes visible light monitoring (color, black and white), infrared thermal sensor and infrared laser monitoring technology and equipment, Visible light monitoring is used for the detection, validation and tracking of targets during daytime or nighttime glare conditions, infrared laser can be used when the target active infrared fill light, thereby enhancing the target monitoring resolution. Infrared thermal induction can be applied to completely no light or low light conditions to detect the infrared emitted to target and identify the UAV target.
Monitoring distance Visible light 3,000m in the daytime and 1,500m in the night
Thermal imaging 1,000m in the daytime and 1,200m in the night
IR lens Focus 30~150mm  (5 times continuous zoom)
Viewing angle 3.1°×2.4°~15.2°×12.2°
Spatial resolution 0.25~1.00mrad  
Detector Type Uncooled microbolometer focal plane array (VOx)
Effective pixels 324×256
Spectral range 7~14μm
Image processing Digital detail enhancement(DDE), 10 pseudo-color
Video output PAL
HD lens Focus 15.6~500mm (32 times continuous zoom)
Camera Type of sensor 1/1.8''Progressive Scan CMOS
Video resolution 1080p,  support three-bit stream
Pan-Tilt Load 50kg (bilateral loading structure)
Horizontal angle Horizontal 0°~360°, continuous rotation without limit
Pitch angle Pitch -20°~80°
Horizontal speed 0.1°~12°/s, rotation speed settable
Pitch speed 0.1°~8°/s, rotation speed settable


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